– Alternatif Tempat Jualan Link yang Menghasilkan adalah program alternatif dari, sistemnya adalah anggota diberi point dari iklan yang ditampilkan di situs/blog publisher, poin tersebut kemudian dapat dijual atau ditukar menjadi kredit untuk beriklan di jaringan mereka. kalo saya sih poinnya dijual aja ke, waktu pertama daftar, harga per 1000 poin cuma $0,86. sekarang udah $0.95-$0.96. Pembayaran dilakukan via Paypal. Saya join program ini beberapa bulan yang lalu dan sekarang udah mencicipi hasilnya dari poin yang saya jual kepada mereka 😉

Mudah koq dapet poinnya, apalagi kalo situs kita PRnya lumayan dan banyak halaman untuk disisipi iklan mereka. Setelah terdaftar, kita akan diberi kode yang akan dipasang di situs/blog kita, saya sendiri memasangnya di sidebar blog saya, jadi semakin banyak halaman blog saya yang terindex, semakin besar kesempatan untuk mendapatkan banyak advertiser dan tentunya semakin banyak poin yang kita dapatkan.

Berikut kutipan FAQ


How do I benefit from adding a TNX system code on my website?

Answer: When system code is placed on your website all the links that are purchased by advertisers will be automatically displayed on all pages that have TNX system code included. Whenever link on your website is sold to one of our advertisers, you get paid. The more pages you have on your site, the more links you can sell. Price of each link sold to our advertisers is calculated upon you page’s search engine rating. Links on every page of your website are sold automatically, all you need is to place the TNX system code on all pages you want to sell links from.

In case you have high ranked website that meets our requirements, we can buy the ad space on your site for a fixed price. Please contact our support team from your user panel with a link to your site and description of an advertising space.

What do I do with points?

Answer: Here is what you can do with TNX-Points:

1. Use them to pay for advertising your website which will improve positions in search engine results.

2. Hold on to your points and watch its price growing.

3. Sell your points to us or any other TNX member.

Can I combine TNX ads with Google AdSense or any other ad broker?

Answer: Yes, you can combine TNX ads with any other advertising sponsor. Your visitors will see TNX ads as direct links (usually subject oriented) to other sites. Even if some context advertising system does not allow combining ads with similar systems, you would still be able to add our code to your pages, because TNX is not context oriented and nobody can stop you from placing a direct link to another site. The HTML code of our ads is not different from a regular link.

Can I use TNX if my website has just few pages?

Answer: If the Google PageRank (PR) of your pages is above zero, than there is a reason to join the TNX system. In case your site has zero rating in search engines, you can link to it from other sites so next time when rating is calculated your web-site’s rating goes up. The more websites link to your site, the higher rating your website will get from different search engines.

Do I have to install TNX-Code on the main page of my website?

Answer: You can install TNX-Code on any page you wish. Usually webmasters install TNX-code into templates, so ads are shown on each page even though they don’t have to edit each page of the website. Placing TNX-Code on the main page is not against TNX rules.

What is TNX commission?

Answer: TNX charges its members just 12.5% both, advertiser and webmaster to cover all expenses including webhosting, moderators salary and the most inmortant – advertising all over the Internet so more people join.

Can I control link ads on my website?

Answer: Yes! Once ad space on your website is sold, you can see list of all links and URLs in your control panel. You will have an option to block ads, delete them or ban the entire website which advertising you don’t like. We guarantee you will never see advertising of pills, drugs or any kind of ads that do not follow advertising policy. Every day we deny over 10,000 ads that do not comply with our policy.

What happens if I uninstall the TNX-Code from my website?

Answer: Webmasters get points in advance for one month of link placing because it takes time for links to get activated. When number of links from your website drammatically falls, advertisers may be put in danger, so uninstalling the TNX-Code from your website without the preliminary coordination with TNX Administration will result in permanent ban of your website.

Yesterday I had 90,000 points, today number of points went lower even though I did not spend them. Why?

Answer: For each month of link placing webmasters get points in advance and advertisers pay in advance. According to TNX policy advertisers can delete links or blacklist webmaster’s website at any time in case links are not satisfactory for any reason. In this case, unused number of points points is credited back to the advertiser’s account. Very soon we will offer detailed statistics for webmasters where all deductions will be listed.

Is it safe to install TNX-Code on my website?

Answer: It is totally secure to install TNX-Code on any website as it is only getting links from static text files (.txt) that are located on our servers. Code is not loading any scripts, databases etc. TNX does not require webmasters to upload any XML files onto servers (TLA does!) which may be easily tracked by search engines and soon may lead to search engine pessimization .

Do you guarantee the PR growth or any other results?

Answer: We can not guarantee something that we have no control over. We just offer a convenient tool that is used for mass non-reciprocal link placement on websites. Service is not intended to be used for PR growth, but to get more targeted traffic from websites and searchengines. Search engine results do not depend on the PR of your website, but on parameters of other websites that link to yours. So, results of your ad campaign depend on parameters of your campaign and your link anchors.

My website is very popular, but doesn’t meet some of your requirements. Will you buy an advertising space on it?

Answer: Most likely we will! Please register and submit your website into the system. We guarantee to review your website within 3 business days.

Should I add the code to internal pages, or to the main page as well?

Answer: You can add the code to any page you wish. Usually webmasters put the code in the template, so our ads show up on every page of the site. Pages with high rank will generate more income than those with low rank. Placing TNX code on the main page is very welcome.

Will I be able to control ads and links that are displayed on my website?

Answer: Yes, in the web-master’s control panel you will be able to see all URLs of pages that have links and the text of an advertisement against each URL. If needed, you can remove undesirable ads from any page of your website or even block ads that contain certain URLs or text so they are not placed on your website in future. TNX will never approve advertising of drugs, porn, casinos, etc. Check out our advertising requirements so you can have the idea of ads we approve.

You may also want to take a look at the FAQ for advertisers.

Can I use my balance to purchase links from websites of other TNX users?

Answer: Yes. At any time you may become an advertiser by adding your website into the system from the publisher’s menu of your control panel. Your balance (“TNX-points”) will be automatically used to cover all advertising expenses. You can also transfer TNX-points to any TNX user at any time, which gives you an opportunity to sell TNX-points at your own price.

Are there any discounts for advertising agencies and client-oriented optimizers?

Answer: Advertising agencies and client-oriented optimizers get discounts (up to 50%) as well as different bonuses. Agencies and optimizers can also grant their clients an access to the interface where they will be able to see the amount spent on advertising, links to sites where ads are located and other statistics. In order to set up such access you will need to contact TNX support from your control panel.

Berikut bukti pembayaran mereka:

Bukti Pembayaran via Paypal
Bukti Pembayaran via Paypal
Poin TNX yang sudah saya tukar ;)
Poin TNX yang sudah saya tukar 😉

So… bagi yang belum bergabung, silahkan gabung jadi publisher sekarang juga, silahkan klik banner berikut untuk bergabung 😉

Mari buat duit dengan TNX

Sell links on every page of your site to thousands of advertisers!

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    apa ini harus ada tulisan ditempat dimana kita mo pasang iklan mereka

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  6. Masa sih?
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