What is Magpie RSS?

magpie-photoMagpie RSS is a simple, functional PHP inteface for parsing RSS 1.0 (and earlier versions).

Magpie RSS is commonly used by number of educational websites although many other sites types using Magpie RSS as well.

Hereunder you can see list of educational websites using magpie (just click on it and you’ll see demo). Try to change with your rss and see what’s the result.

Demo Magpie parsing Blog Hamdi on educational websites:

Blog Hamdi on The University of Vermont
Blog Hamdi on Saint Joseph’s University
Blog Hamdi on Michigan State University
Blog Hamdi on Harvard Computer Society
Blog Hamdi on Urban Sensing UCLA
Blog Hamdi on Urban Sensing UCLA
Blog Hamdi on University of Southern California
Blog Hamdi on UCSC Environment Study
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